Dear Dr. Maureen Khoo! In my understanding, doctor is a glorious and noble profession that is enviable and admirable. I didn’t have much contact with doctors before. And this time due to illness. Let me meet you, Dr. Khoo. This should be my blessing! After seeing you, your warm, kind and kind care for patients has reduced the patient’s fear of the disease. You patiently listen to and ask about the patient’s condition, and carefully and carefully examine the patient repeatedly. Explain and explain the patient’s condition in detail. And make a correct judgment and the best treatment plan. I am deeply impressed by your dedication. I think you are an excellent doctor with high medical ethics and excellent medical skills that I can trust. You gave me the confidence and hope to overcome the disease. I believe you have a knife for my surgery. I will quickly get rid of the disease and return to normal life soon. Thank you! Dr. Khoo!
Salute][Salute] Your patient Rose L.

尊敬的 Dr. Maureen Khoo您好!在我的认识里医生是一个光荣而崇高令人羡慕和敬佩的职业。之 前我同医生接触不多。而这次因病。让我遇到了您邱医生。这应该是缘分是我的福音!在见到你 以后,您对患者热情、亲切、和蔼的关爱,使患者减轻了对疾病的恐惧心理。您耐心地倾听和询 问患者的病情,认真仔细地反复为患者检查。对患者的病情作详细解释和说明。並作出正确的判 断及最佳的治疗方案。你的这些尽心尽责的敬业精神都给我留下了深刻的印象。我认为您是一位 医德高尚、医术精湛值得我信赖的优秀医生。您给了我战胜疾病的信心和希望。我相信有您为我 的手术握刀。我会很快地摆脱疾病的困扰,很快地恢复到正常的生活状态。 谢谢您!邱医生!
[Salute][Salute] 您的病人 Rose L.